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Enable a Jumbo Packet and Packet Segmentation policy that will enable your desktops and servers to use less CPU power while creating and breaking down fewer packets. So now, that extra CPU power is given to Susan as she uses it to bring up her Excel spreadsheet, or to bring up multiple web pages on the internet.

And, down the road, when you are accustomed to spending money replacing hundreds of computers (including Susan's), you can wait another year without suffering any performance degradation, allocate that money saved for more things that you need.

NIC Configurator 2018 will ensure that Jumbo Packets are enabled on hundreds or thousands of computers because you have added those computers to a NIC Policy where Jumbo Packet is set to Enabled.

NIC Configurator 2018 uses NIC policy to standardize network adapter advanced properties across hundreds or thousands of active directory computers.




Software Pricing & Features

* NIC Configurator 2018 + 100 Computer Access License (CAL): $3,500.00
* NIC Configurator 2018 CAL: $30.00

* NIC Configurator 2018 CALs are price reduced for customers who purchase them in large quantities (Call)
* Manage network adapter advanced properties across thousands of Active Directory computers

* Monitor network adapter Up/Down Status and receive Text and e-Mail Notifications
* Set-Network Adapter Advanced Properties Across Groups of Active Directory Domain Computers
* NIC Configurator uses performance settings to put back more CPU power - for the things that you need
* Enable a Jumbo Packet or Packet Segmentation policy to extend the life of all servers and desktops
* NIC Configurator 2018 will auto-configure network adapters to always match your NIC policies
* Compliance Monitor will let you see which NICs are Up/Down or not compliant with policies
* Traffic Flow monitor shows computers eating all the network bandwidth, errors, and packet discards
* NIC Configurator 2018 can maintain your Autonegotiation or Manual speed and duplex policy settings
* Get-network adapter advanced property reports for all Active Directory domain computers
* Schedule network adapter resets on any NIC Configurator 2018 client
* View or save NIC Reset task scheduler items and roll back NIC resets, all from a single console






The following operating systems are supported:

         - Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012,Windows Server 2008

NIC Configurator 2018 requires modifying Group Policy.

         - NOTE: Read the NIC Configurator Installation and Usage document before using product. [MS WORD | PDF]





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